Date: 11 May 2014.
Weather: Warm Bright + Showers at times but mostly dry
Wind: Windy mostly around 10 to 15 mph + gusts to 20 mph
Cloud: Patchy
Temp: Around 10 C
Ground: Good and firm
Number of People/Flyers: 11
Number of Flights: 15
Vendors: Malcolm & Rockets and Things
Biggest Rocket: Mike Taylor
Biggest Motor: Mike Taylor
Most impressive Flight:
Most Newton’s burned: Mel
Most Flown: Mel
Best looking Rocket: Mel, unfortunately Mel had a ejection misfire as he was putting the rocket on the pad. He was using a magnetic apogee sensor.
Best Smoke plume:
Cato/s: Non
Spack’s: Mel

A limited turnout and flights as the weather forecast was poor however we did have better weather than expected with only a couple of light showers biggest issue was the wind
Paul is now bringing gas a stove to make hot drinks coffee, tea, Bovril & hot choc for the flyers.


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