Date: 9th March 2014.
Weather: Warm Bright the best flying day for ages
Wind: Bit of wind mostly around 5mph
Cloud: Patchy
Temp: Around 10 C
Ground: Good and firm
Number of People/Flyers: 15
Number of Flights: 25 to 30
Vendors: Malcolm & Rockets and Things
Biggest Rocket: Chris E Active Roll control
Biggest Motor: Chris E J400 in Fin control
Most impressive Flight: Drag race with 2 x big Daddy’s on Vmax + Pete flew his rocket powered glider
Most Newton’s burned: Chris E
Best looking Rocket: They are all good 😉
Best Smoke plume: Damian Skid Mark
Cato/s: None
Damian and Mel both had lawn darts

Great to see so many people lots of banter and laughs
Chris E & Pete both flew their quad copters, they look great fun!!!
Father & son turned up bought a starter kit and flew it several times (very happy) hope to be back next month
Paul is now bringing gas a stove to make hot drinks coffee, tea, Bovril & hot choc for the flyers.


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