Midland Rocketry Committee

Our current committee is formed of two members who are enthusiastic about rocketry and the club. If you want to meet them, they will probably be at most of our launches. The committee consists of:

  • Paul CarterChairman, Secretary and Co-founder/owner
  • Alan Meredith – Treasurer and Co-founder/owner
  • Chris Clarke – Co-opted Ordinary Member (Chairman & Secretary Support)
  • Adam Newman – Co-opted Ordinary Member

Paul Carter


Rocketry Bio
I have built and flown models for many years, like most rocket flyers my introduction to rocketry was by the purchase of an almost ready to fly kit from Estes flying B’s, (I cannot remember its name but it has been long lost and offered as a sacrifice to the Rocket Gods) I then moved to C’s, D’s and Clusters then to Launch Pad kits and 24mm R&R.  I love Military Rockets and fin’s (some boy’s like fin’s some don’t) from then on, apart from a few  HPR kits I have built all my own rockets from scratch.   I am a Level 2 RSO and once I finally make up my mind on the design I plan to do my Level 3 flight.
My philosophy is to fly rockets, lots of rockets safely and to impart knowledge to those younger flyers who will be the future of our sport.
I have to 2 goals within Rocketry firstly to develop and promote UK rocketry and the second is to hold the UK Open Altitude Record.

Non-Rocketry Bio
Apart from living and breathing rockets when I get the time you can find me in Mid Wales with the family either relaxing with a Vodka, fly fishing for Bass & trout, Mountain walking or rock climbing/dangling from a rope with friends.  But best of all is standing in a field with friends looking into blue skies waiting to see deployment after pressing the button.

Adam Newman


Rocketry Bio
Adam has recently become re-involved in rocketry after flying park flyer kits as a kid and wanting to get involved in something bigger and better and is now totally hooked. He flies mainly in the mid-power range but his love is the high-power stuff after gaining his level one in 2010 using a scratch built airframe, Wisdom. He prides himself in completing rockets to perfection, although this often means they don’t get built that quickly. In addition to big, loud rockets, he has a big interest in electronic payloads and is currently building an actively stabilised rocket with scratch built electronics and altimeter.

Non-Rocketry Bio
To earn enough money to essentially set fire to it on a Sunday afternoon, he works at certain aerospace company in the East Midlands. He lives with his wife (who helps fibreglass his rockets!), and dog.