Midland Rocketry Fees


The Midland Rocketry flying fee’s for 2018 / 2019  (Our flying year being 1st April – 31st March)


MRC flying fee’s are based on the club having 7 club launches per year (** subject to weather and RSO cover) this works out at £6.43 per launch for Senior HPR & BP and £3.57 for Junior HPR & BP and excludes both August & Midland Sky/September.


2018/19 MRC Associate Membership Costs

Senior Flyer HPR & BP      = £45.00
Junior Flyer HPR & BP       = £30.00

Please note: Full MRC membership fees are due at the April launch  

2018/19 MRC Half Year Fees Non Membership Costs

March to June (4 mths) Half year fees = £30.00 = £7.50 per launch

July to Nov   (3 mths) Half year fees = £25.00 = £8.33 per launch

MRC Pay on Use Cost

HPR & BP = £10.00


Please note:

If a “pay on use” flyer decides to join MRC half way through the year, then any previous flying fee’s paid by the individual “will not” be taken into account.


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