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Why fly with Midland Rocketry?

In addition to the normal advantages of a rocketry club, such as:

  • Use of Ground Support equipment (GSE), at every launch there will be a full selection of rods and rails that are for everyone’s use

  • Use of launch controllers

  • Plus, there’s the welcome that Midland Rocketry Club is proud of.

We welcome everyone, from those starting off with their first Estes rocket, to the seasoned Level 3 rocketeer. Or even if you just want to see what it’s all about, you can just turn up and watch and chat.

The club has a wealth of experience and will always offer advice to members. Club members often come together to help each other out with project builds. Everyone has there own personal favourite within the rocketry hobby, including, scale, military, gliders, monocopters, scratch builds and hybrid.

A few of our members sell kits, parts, motors etc. We mentor school/scout teams for the UKAYRoC UKSEDS and CanSat competitions. You will quickly make new friends.

Please use the Contact page to let us know you are coming so we can bring items along.

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